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About us


MRT (HK) Co., LTD & T. AND M. (HK) INC.

MRT (HK) Co. Ltd. and (Established Year: 1987 March) T and M (HK) Inc.(Established Year: 1973)

Our Philosophy:

MRT (HK) Co. Ltd and T and M (HK) Inc. has providing as a main agent of TDK, Nichicom, Hosden, Daiichi part Etc. Since 1987, MRT (HK) Co. Ltd. has been providing "Quality Products with Competitive Prices." Management at MRT (HK) Co. Ltd. strongly believes this is the only way to survive in the industry. In addition to our Company, we aim to provide our customers with more Selling time in this world of increasing competition and globalization. We will take care of your sourcing and order follow-ups while you can spend more on sales and marketing to increase our mutual sales.

Authorized Agent and Distributor of


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TDK Story TDK was founded in 1935 to commercialize ferrite, a magnetic material invented in Japan that was to revolutionize the electronic sector. For more than 70 years since then, we have developed four core technologies, namely Materials Technology with ferrite as the backbone, Process Technology to optimize the characteristics of materials, Evaluation and Simulation Technology to accelerate our development and design activities, and Production Technology to hone our manufacturing power. These technologies have given birth to a wide range of electronic products and key devices, such as magnetic heads for hard disk drives, multilayer ceramic chip capacitors, inductors, and a variety of sensors and noise-suppressing components, as well as power supplies and other power electronics products. All of these have significantly contributed to the growth of a society in which electronics plays a vital role.

->Progress in the electronics industry has the potential to serve important concerns of today's world, such as energy conservation, safety, quality of life, and ubiquitous information access. At TDK, we believe that technological advances must be placed in a wider context. We therefore intend to focus our business resources on growth areas, including information devices, broadband networks, and car electronics. By further refining and deepening our core technologies, we believe that we will be able to develop truly creative products and technologies that meet the essential needs of our time.

The TDK motto of "contribute to culture and industry through creativity" is now as vibrant as ever. The spirit of craftsmanship, of creating products that have true value - this is what our manufacturing power is all about. As a company that has the needs of its customers at heart, we believe that we must be ready to swiftly adapt to market changes. Using our resources and potential of manufacturing to turn dreams into reality - this will continue to be our aim in the future.

Nichicon Story Nichicon Since its founding in 1950, Nichicon has constantly been involved in the development, production, and sales of capacitors, circuit products, and other kinds of electronic components that are essential for many types of electronics. Nowadays, the needs for electronic components are becoming increasingly advanced and diversified as we embrace the fully-fledged digital network era. We have launched aggressive corporate strategies and cater to the needs of our customers in four market segments that are experiencing particularly striking growth: “Digital home appliances”, “Automotive and railway car-related appliances”, “Ecology-related appliances” and “Information and communications appliances”.

In order to survive in the global market, it is necessary to increase our visibility as a “valuable supplier for our customers” by striking the proper balance between all the factors of technology, quality, cost, and services. In order to do so, we are making efforts to reinforce our competitiveness and improve our level of customer satisfaction, while strengthening and expanding our development, production, and sales frameworks. We also consider it important to be able to grow continuously and steadily in fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibilities by living up to and strengthening the trust that the society has placed in us as well. For this reason, we also intend not only to address market needs but also reinforce our endeavors in environmental conservation activities, compliance with laws and regulations, social contributions, and matters of importance.

-> In December 2004, we completed our headquarters building. In the construction, we focused on embodying the concepts of “Spirit of Innovation, Environment, and Wisdom of the Old Capital.” We expect the headquarters building to play a major role as a basis of management from which we can accommodate this modern, time-critical era. We continue to take on the challenges of the era without hesitation and with full awareness of the global competition, and remain committed to working toward the goal of becoming the “Number-one, only- one company” that pursues a more affluent society. We very much hope to receive your support and encouragement for our endeavors.

Hosiden StoryHosiden was founded in 1947, Hosiden has, by utilizing its technology, developed many products including connecting components such as connectors and switches, acoustic components, electro-magnetic components, LCD devices and assembled products incorporating those components. Hosiden continues to contribute to the development of society and industry as a versatile component manufacturer.
In this era of digital networks, Hosiden is doing research to develop solutions for the requirements of the future. These requirements will require both new technologies and new combinations of existing technologies from the consumer electronics, information, communication, audio-visual, and automotive electronics. Hosiden will continue to meet our customers' requirements with technology that we develop and enhance our ability to recommend innovative solutions.

-> Hosiden has also strengthened its manufacturing and sales network by creating a global network based on the principle of ''production and sales in the market''.
In addition, Hosiden remains committed for environmental preservation activities under healthy and powerful management while maintaining our competitiveness.
Hosiden will continue to grow and aggressively strive to exceed customers' expectations

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